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How to Order

How to Order...

Custom Musical Instrument Cases

Measuring For Your Case:
First... find a marker and a big piece of paper (an unfolded paper bag works well).
(See special notes on hammered dulcimer & harp cases below.)

For an instrument without a case:
1.) Lay your instrument down and trace the outline. Stand it up and trace the base (if it has a base.)

2.) Measure the depth of the instrument in as many places as needed (ends, bridge, pegs, etc.) Write the measurments along the outline.

3.) Mark any potential rub spots where strings, pegs and bridges may wear the lining.

4.) Pick up your instrument and find where it is most easily carried, the balance point. Mark that on the tracing.

5.) Put your name, UPS address, phone number and any other details on the tracing.

For an instrument with a case:
1.) Lay the case on a piece of paper and trace the outline. Mark the handle and hinges.

2.) Measure the depth(s) and write them on the outline.

3.) Put your name, UPS address, phone number and any other details on the tracing.

About Hammered Dulcimer Cases:

With hammered dulcimer cases there is a choice, a trough or no trough.  The trough is a place a short scissor stand or the tristander legs can be stored.  This protects the instrument while decreasing things to carry.  Another popular option is to put velcro straps along the long side of the case to secure a stand under the handle.

About Harp Cases:
I have never met two harps of different makers that are the same.  Each of my cases are custom built for you and your harp’s needs.  Most important is the placement of the handles. If you are sending a tracing please do not forget to mark this balance point along the pillar.  If you have a preference as to the orientation of the pocket please note that as well.  Sometimes it is impossible to put a grab handle on the side of the case when the pocket is one way or the other, depending on this very important balance point.
Click here for Cordura® color choices for instrument cases.
Prices for Instrument Cases
Some examples of the cost to protect your instrument:
Mandolin/Violin .......................... $125-$155
Guitar Case ................................. $160-$180
Celtic Harp Case
Hammered Dulcimer Case
Bodhran Case
..............................$75-$95We have made cases for instruments from flutes to harps; didgeridoos to drums and many in-between, just ask.
Removable back pack straps can be adapted to most instruments for $30. The hands free strap option comes with all the necked instruments.
If you order wheels with your harp case please add $145. If you want wheels in the future but can not afford them now we can put the appropriate handles and sleeves on the case for $15.
Eco-Line for Drums, amps and special items: please inquire for pricing. 
Send your tracing information, color choices and a minimum deposit of 20% to:

Coon Hollow Canvas
P.O. Box 8
423 Main St.
Kila, MT 59920

* please allow 6-10 weeks for the creation and delivery of your case. A bill for the balance payment and shipping costs will be included with your new case. We accept checks, money orders or payment via PayPal.
Eco-Line for Drums and Amps: please call for pricing.
Pricing for Totes, Duffles, Firewood Carriers & Swinging Chairs
Totes (14"X14"X5")........................ $22/each
Duffle Bags (25"X11").................... $33/each
Firewood Carriers (20"X36")....... $20/each
Swinging Chairs ........................... $85/each
When ordering a Tote, Duffle Bag, Firewood Carrier or Swinging Chair, please include $5 for orders under $30 and $11 for orders over $30 for shipping & handling. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
Click here for canvas color choices for totes, duffles, firewood carries & chairs.
To purchase send a check, money order or pay via PayPal (including shipping) to:


Coon Hollow Canvas
P.O. Box 8
423 Main St.
Kila, MT 59920

Questions? email us or call Helen Pilling: (406) 752-4766